Patricia Morrissey - Chairperson of the Carlingford Heritage Trust

Patricia Morrissey – Chairperson of the Carlingford Heritage Trust

In his poem ‘Am I Remember’d’ Thomas D’Arcy McGee wondered if his memory would live on.

Am I remember’d in Erin
I charge you, speak to me true –
Has my name a sound, a meaning
In the scenes my boyhood knew?

He is certainly remembered in the annual summer school, the monument in the middle of Carlingford which was unveiled by former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney in 1991, and now in a permanent exhibition dedicated to his life and achievements.

We in the Carlingford Heritage Trust are delighted to have been part of the setting up, and development of, both the summer school and the exhibition. Every year we are proud to host the Thomas D’Arcy McGee Summer School and the exhibition about him is housed in the Station House. Its renovation was the culmination of almost twenty years work by members of the Carlingford Heritage Trust.  As Chairperson of the Trust I bid you welcome to the memory of Thomas D’Arcy McGee – here online, at the summer school and in the exhibition.

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